I just wanted to make a quick post about these two scenes because I am having a major feels attack over them.

So the gif on the left; she’s just realized Hook stole the bean and, in a sense, played her. You see her face physically DROP. She believed in him, she took that chance she didn’t on that beanstalk in for a brief moment she thought that he hadn’t changed and what she said at the diner didn’t get through to him. And it actually pains her. Emma is the only one that has ever seen good in him (besides Milah, of course); she’s protected him, opened up to him, and for a second she literally thinks that she did all of that for nothing. She is upset that at first he was going to leave; because she wants him to make that decision to do the right thing.

NOW LET’S GO ONTO THE RIGHT GIF. Look at her face. Near the beginning of the gif. It is so full of complete shock but she looks SO hopeful; there is even a little smile. She can’t believe her eyes because he turned around. He did exactly what he said while she was in Rumple’s cell when she said he would have done the same thing she did. He DIDN’T leave. She looks almost thankful. FINALLY for once in her god damn life someone came back for her, for her family. He didn’t leave and kept to his word. She WAS right about him; she took a chance, a huge chance, offering him a chance to be a part of something, and she was right. And in that gif is when she figures it out. THE FLAME OF HOPE IS RIGHT THERE.

And I think this is why Emma will start trusting him (we’ve already seen her sort of start to by giving him the bean). Because, unlike everyone else, he’s been real with her and didn’t turn his back on her. He. Came. Back.

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