Okay I really want to talk about this little moment here. Mainly because of Emma’s face. Look at her. She is in complete shock. She cannot believe that he not only came back but he was voluntarily giving her the bean. Seriously, can we appreciate her face in the bottom gif? SHE ACTUALLY MOVES BACKWARDS A BITShe is literally taken a back by everything he just did.

In this episode, she sort of took that chance she never did on the beanstalk. She offered him the opportunity to be a part of something with her and her family. She saw that glimmer of good in him. But, let’s be honest, it’s always in the front of her mind that she would be wrong; that he wouldn’t change, because that’s what always happens in her life. Everyone leaves. And at first he did just that. He got scared and left; he was looking out for himself like he always had. But you know what he did after he left? He turned his damn ship around and came back. And clearly that is not what Emma was expecting by the look on her face.

I feel like this moment right here means more to her than people realize. Him coming back and giving her the bean, a small gesture if you will, proved whatever she saw in him on the beanstalk was true and, most likely, shook away a lot of the doubts she had. I’m not saying she’s about to trust him 100% at all, but it’s going to LEAD to her being more willing to trust him and open up to him next season.

It’s a really small part of this scene but I just love it. 

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